Zorich Group relocated their offices to a new modern commercial building which was a great environment for their employees. To complete their new environment we were approached to design office layouts, source furniture and enhance the companies profile through impacting graphics to spaces.

This was achieved by going for a simple palette of white furniture highlighted by greenery, artwork on walls and graphics to doors to help anchor these spaces.

With Zorich Group having so many locations of retail stores across South Australia, we wanted to showcase these locations by creating an interactive and impacting graphic installation within their boardroom. A place of where many ideas and decisions are made, where work colleagues come together and a place where people outside of the company come to meet.

We installed a large black and white map of South Australia and placed three-dimensional geo tags of the locations of all their stores, offices and warehouses, to ensure these locations stood proud from the wall. This map can evolve and change to suit the expansion of this company for many more years to come.